Hey beautiful,

I get it, being a soul-searching teen or twenty-something in this chaotic world can be tough. Throw in some anxiety, stress, and drama in the mix and we’ve got another mess. This is where I come in: think of me as your soul-sister-mentor who’s got your back 100%. Together we will awaken your true potential by breaking down walls of fear and self-doubt and developing a deeper connection with your own intuition. I’ll teach you tools like quick meditations, breathing exercises, journaling, etc. so that you can go out into the world completely confident that you can rock it, no matter the situation.

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We'll start with a quick meditation to get centered (no worries if you’ve never done this before, I got you). Then, I’ll give you a little more info on what I do and answer any questions you have—I’m all about openness and honesty so ask me anything! Next, we’ll talk about any areas where your life could use a little TLC and establish goals for our sessions. This will help give me a better idea of where we’re going and what types of tools to use. From there I’ll be able to create a beautiful plan that we can use to create major change. I’m all about action and getting sh*t done, so you better believe we will get you where you want to be in no time.


 Just your lovely self, and a journal!


-       Guided Meditation

-       Breathwork

-       Journaling

-       EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)

-       Self-Love Mirror Work

-       Goddess Card Readings

-       Crystal and Stone Healing

-       Reiki Energy Work

-       And a whole lot more!


If I'm not in St. Louis can we still meet?

Of course! We can meet remotely via Skype or FaceTime. I’m all about making it work for you, so don’t worry one bit!



Hourly Rate - $55.00



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