Hey beautiful,

(If ya haven't already, check out my about page to get an idea on what I'm all about!)

taking on topics such as....

》comparison + self worth

》gossip + ditching what others think

》body image + self-love + self-care

》meditation + mindfulness (that's actually practical)

》uncovering your purpose + gifts to the world

》balanced approach to health + wellness that focuses on the mind, body, and spirit

》healing relationships + setting boundaries

》conscious communication

》connecting with your intuition


》going after your passions. those things that light you up from the inside out.

》dealing with stress + feeling overwhelmed

》overcoming perfectionism + people pleasing 

》understanding what it means to be empathic today in this world.

》how to deal with your gifts and using them to enhance your life.

》managing energy + feeling less drained

...and living a kick-booty AUTHENTIC life that you LOVE and having FUN! THRIVING. Living your FULLEST.





To start we'll meet for an hour--this can be over FaceTime or in person--up to you! We'll start by centering ourselves + setting intentions around how we want sessions to go. 



$45 for 1-hour session



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