8 Things To Let Go Of Right Now

Sometimes we just need to say f*ck it to a few things in life. Today I may have needed this reminder/pep talk/love note more than anything, and I think we could all use a little letting go, starting with these 8:

1. Judgement

Because if we are judging one another, can we ever actually love ourselves? I once read that in order to make an actual fair judgment you would have to know a person's past, present, and future. If that is basically impossible, then in theory fair judgment doesn't exist to us. Imma leave it at that. 

2. Tension

Take a belly breathe. Release the tension in your tummy, your neck, notice if your shoulders are scrunched by your ears. Breathe again and release the tension. Carry on...

3. Perfection

NO I CANNOT PUBLISH THIS POST UNTIL THE TITLE NO LONGER ENDS IN A PREPOSITION. It has to be PERFECT, dammit (this was the battle I had with my perfectionism whilst writing this post). Let it go. Embrace the imperfections because if it were perfect a. you're lying to yourself because nothing truly perfect so all that time you're spending on things being perfect is really for nada and b. perfect tends to be not so special anywhoo. And I love your imperfectness.

4. The fear of starting

This is perfectionism + procrastination's 3rd lover. If you're fearful of starting something, just start it. Follow your fear. Get the words on the page. Take a step and you'll figure it out as you go. As Yogi Bajan says, "When the time is on you start, and the pressure will be off." 

5. The past

Because what you're ruminating about got you to the place that you are today. Thank it for moving you forward in some shape or form and know that your time is too precious to spend it dwelling on what you cannot change!

6. That one person who bugs the CRAP out of you

Annoyance and anger don't feel good. Let it go for the sake of yourself and open to the possibility of oneness.  Eventually if we hold onto anger and resentment, it will show up in our bodies and that is no bueno. Send love to them as you send love to yourself. We're all just humans trynna make it out here. 

7. The fear of rejection

Ouch. That's tough. It doesn't feel good, but in reality its another blessing. Its a sign that this path you were about to go down was not the way for you, at least not right now. Thank the rejection, love it, and let it go. 

8. The love you think you need

Focus on giving love. Giving to yourself, most importantly. And giving to others without the expectation of receiving. Giving just because it feels good to give love.

And to top it all off I hope you enjoy this vid of Channing Tatum reminding you to let it go it the most wonderful of ways:


XXo Stef