Filled-Up Friday


This week was a funny one. Tbh I wasn't really feeling all that grateful. For no reason but I was just kinda like "out of it" and not in my usual mojo, and for a sec I contemplated not posting at all. But this week I've been focusing on listening to my intuition (helllooo meditation practice thank you) and what I heard is this: when I am down or feel like my vibration is low is exactly the time when I need to be grateful and pause to show love to all the amazing things that my week has brought thus far the most. Instead of looking outwardly for something to make me feel all grateful and empowered, I'm taking time to reflect and instead "conquering from within." 

BAM! Instant mojo-uplifter.

So here I go, loving life once again:) 

Goddess tarot cards ~ Kundalini yoga.. my new found OBSESSION for highly spiritual and uplifting experiences ~ MyIntent bracelets - srsly these are so cool ~ MAGIC + MIRACLES ~ ~ Shakti Shakti Shakti feminine power ~ conquering the glorious Wash U AC (although I really had no freaking clue how to work those machines.. I tried?)  ~  New Moon energy ~quality time with Pops ~ seeing friends for the first time in a long time (shoutout to Ash  heeeyyyy) ~ AC in this 90 degree glorious Missouri weather  ~ hugs from lil kiddos ~ MEDITATION MEDITATION MEDITATION ~ Acaí bowls (I can say I think I've almost mastered this art) ~ kayaking and floating in peace ~ sunshine. 

Peace and Love,