8 Things To Let Go Of Right Now

Sometimes we just need to say f*ck it to a few things in life. Today I may have needed this reminder/pep talk/love note more than anything, and I think we could all use a little letting go, starting with these 8:

1. Judgement

Because if we are judging one another, can we ever actually love ourselves? I once read that in order to make an actual fair judgment you would have to know a person's past, present, and future. If that is basically impossible, then in theory fair judgment doesn't exist to us. Imma leave it at that. 

2. Tension

Take a belly breathe. Release the tension in your tummy, your neck, notice if your shoulders are scrunched by your ears. Breathe again and release the tension. Carry on...

3. Perfection

NO I CANNOT PUBLISH THIS POST UNTIL THE TITLE NO LONGER ENDS IN A PREPOSITION. It has to be PERFECT, dammit (this was the battle I had with my perfectionism whilst writing this post). Let it go. Embrace the imperfections because if it were perfect a. you're lying to yourself because nothing truly perfect so all that time you're spending on things being perfect is really for nada and b. perfect tends to be not so special anywhoo. And I love your imperfectness.

4. The fear of starting

This is perfectionism + procrastination's 3rd lover. If you're fearful of starting something, just start it. Follow your fear. Get the words on the page. Take a step and you'll figure it out as you go. As Yogi Bajan says, "When the time is on you start, and the pressure will be off." 

5. The past

Because what you're ruminating about got you to the place that you are today. Thank it for moving you forward in some shape or form and know that your time is too precious to spend it dwelling on what you cannot change!

6. That one person who bugs the CRAP out of you

Annoyance and anger don't feel good. Let it go for the sake of yourself and open to the possibility of oneness.  Eventually if we hold onto anger and resentment, it will show up in our bodies and that is no bueno. Send love to them as you send love to yourself. We're all just humans trynna make it out here. 

7. The fear of rejection

Ouch. That's tough. It doesn't feel good, but in reality its another blessing. Its a sign that this path you were about to go down was not the way for you, at least not right now. Thank the rejection, love it, and let it go. 

8. The love you think you need

Focus on giving love. Giving to yourself, most importantly. And giving to others without the expectation of receiving. Giving just because it feels good to give love.

And to top it all off I hope you enjoy this vid of Channing Tatum reminding you to let it go it the most wonderful of ways:


XXo Stef 

How Your Words Affect Your Vibes

I think we have a problem. JK not a problem, but rather a habit that might need a little breaking. I think that we have made a habit out of putting ourselves down. 

"I am an idiot"  "I'm so stupid" "I am so difficult" "I am __(<<<<insert negative thing about ourselves)."

OUCH. ^^^ Daggers, DAGGERS to my heart I tell you! (not an exaggeration at all)

But these sort of sayings feel familiar, ya? These negative *I AM*s have become so commonplace that its like we are expected to say bad things about ourselves and especially as girls, its might even be considered weird if we don't find something wrong with ourselves (ahem, Mean Girls scene). BUT ITS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE THAT YO. We are made to be Cady's NOT Regina's!! 

Mean girls aside, that self-talk (even if its just in our thoughts) has more power than we think, and the negative *I AM*s come with a not-so-awesome side effect.  

What we put out into the world comes right back to us.

And then sometimes we follow with, "Well I'm just kidding." 

That doesn't matter. 

What we say we are, we are. End of story. That's how manifestation works!!

This is especially important when we use the words "I AM" to preface some sort of thing.

These little "I Ams" are basically big-time prayers out to the Universe to bring whatever we say that we are back to us. If you say you are overweight, guess what? Calories will find their way to you. If we say we are beautiful and divine, then guess what? Divine feelings will find their way to you, and your world will be filled with more beauty. We can use our words as blessings to bring everything we want and more into our universe, or we can use them to pull in the exact things that we don't want. If this sounds crazy, its not. :) 

What follows is a extremely controlled and very professional scientific experiment to explain the point:

We shall start by reading list A:

I am terrible.

I am stupid.

I am not worthy of good friends.

I am so ugly.

I am not loved and never will be.

I am always lonely. 

I am so angry. 

Now read list B pls:

I am wonderful. 

I am safe.

I am beautiful.

I am strong.

I am at peace.

I am a divine creation.

I am always guided and on my path.

I am change. 

I am powerful.

I am love.

Did ya feel any difference reading the to lists?

I know it may feel silly reading or saying these thing about ourselves (and you may not even believe them), but its crazy how powerful words have over the way we feel and we don't even realize it! Personally, I felt like I needed an epsom salt + baking soda detox bath after writing the first one. It felt heavy, and I felt so sad and dragged down writing the first. But writing the second, oh baby that was MAGIC. I felt so much lighter and happier and wonderful.

The truth of the matter is that even if you don't completely believe in what you are saying, THEY STILL WORK, and the more we get in the habit of saying wonderful things about ourselves, the more we experience wonderful things about ourselves. We have all of the knowledge, qualities, and things that we desire already within us, but its up to our own selves to tap into this endless creative potential. 


Make a list of powerful declarations every night before bed - no matter how uncomfy it feels. Here's a list to get started:

  • I am powerful. I am confident. I am strong.
  • I am forgiven. I am grace. I am Divine.
  • I am attractive. I am beautiful. I am grace.
  • I am worthy. I am loved. I am independent.
  • I am smart. I am guided. I am empowered.
  • I am inspired. I am creative. I am motivated. I am passionate.

This EXTREMELY powerful and healing at night bc what you think about the last five minutes before sleep is what your subconscious dwells on during your sleep -  so now your subconscious is put to work calling in all of these wonderful things to come forth within you while you sleep! 

I also use this practice when I catch myself talking negatively about myself - I just mentally recite a list of the gracious and wonderful qualities in me to correct and switch the vibration.

And a side note: it's not that we are bad people when we catch ourselves saying things like "I am so f*cking annoyed" or " I am not worthy of attention" or what have you-- I still catch myself all the time. But it IS important to have the awareness of the power of our words and to use them as TEACHERS so that we can feel the difference when we put good things into the world rather than things that we don't want. When we ask for what we DO want, we have the power to uplift and empower ourselves and manifest freaking amazing magic in our lives. 

If you want to get to work CHANGING YOUR LIFE, it starts with the way you feel, and the way you feel starts with your words (whether thought or spoken). And in order to change anything in the world and spread a little peace, I think we need every little bit of good vibes to go around. 

So much love and endless gratitude to you earthly beings,