Turning Inward.

Experiencing what is within.

Evoking the power within.

All of our suffering is solved by the Divine intelligence within us. We go seeking externally - physical, material, wealth, intelligence. We look for the answer, the guidance in these things but the map for all of our solutions lies within.

Turn this search without inward to the search within.

Listen to yourself.

Get quiet and the true learning takes place.

The true growth takes place internally, and the external falls into place.

Worship yourself as Divine intelligence, as extensions of Universal energy.

YOU are the creator, creating your life before your eyes.

It is not up to anyone else what your life looks like. It is up to you and following your Divine intelligence.

YOU have all of the answers and abundance inside.

All of your power lies within.

We seek power externally, but this power is hollow, bound to collapse when the external is no longer present.

If we seek power within, that is the good stuff.

The all-powerful, strong, boundless, endless, beautiful, seeking love and endlessly supported power. Nothing can touch this power. Nothing can knock it over.

It is up to us to tap into this power.

Start today <3