Why I'm Sharing Less Perfection, and More Human

I’m here to share a bit of truth. This isn't going to be long, so hear me out.

When it comes to writing, I usually think I’ve gotta be all spiritually-aligned, chakras unblocked, inspired and buzzed on life to share content in this space. I think I need to have the perfect thing to say to be worthy of saying anything at all. I think that if I put something out into the world that is one sentence less than perfect, it’s trash, and I might as well not share it anywhere.

I know, even when I just posted on giving zero f*cksI still give a lot of f*cks.

The truth is, things aren’t always happy-sunshine-peace-let’s-meditate-all-day over on my end (nor do I think that’s anyone's sustainable life). Currently, there are random piles of clothes covering my floor (def not part of my high vibe practice). I haven’t meditated in the past two days. The other day I got in a mad disagreement with my mom and let anger get the best of me.

Are things exactly as I want them to be in my 'perfect' world? Maybe not. 

Am I going to survive? Yes.

Am I going to punish myself because I think my life might be a bit in ‘shambles’? Hell no.

Am I still going to decide to be happy and post this regardless? Absolutely.

If I’m being real, shit hits the fan quite often. I get stressed, anxious, lonely, and you bet I have my downsides, like any normal college student. Usually I try to hide these parts, but guess what? I’m human.

I've realized that hiding the not-so-pretty parts of my life and only writing when I am inspired creates this mentality that 'perfection' is the ultimate ideal, which is so not my vibe.

But, what we need is less  p e r f e c t i o n, and more  h u m a n, .

In reality, I 110% believe that through the chaos we unlock some of our greatest lessons. In other words, when shit hits the fan, we are forced to get real. We either listen to what the Universe is trying to show us, or repeat the same old situation. If we choose to listen, we notice the wisdom that is held in the chaos of life.

So, here on out starts our journey of me sharing that raw wisdom of imperfect human-ness, even when I don't think I have my life 'together' enough to share. Anyways, I first created this blog as a space to share the lessons that I learn, as I am learn them. That means it's always a work in progress, but my mission is to get the message of love, wellness, and spiritual connection out there because there was a time when I desperately needed that kind of light amidst my own darkness.

Now more than ever our planet needs more love, more soul shifts, more awakenings, and more good vibes put into it, so that’s what I’m here to do—in whatever form that may be. That means writing even when I don’t feel 100% myself. This might mean more unedited writing, inspired thoughts or life updates. To be honest, I'm not sure what that looks like yet. Regardless, I'm writing to heal myself.  Writing to get inspired. Writing to spread just a little love.

My last reminder to you (or maybe to myself): It’s OK to feel that your life is not as perfect as you'd like. It's OK to not be feeling yourself 100% of the time. Find the lessons in the chaos, and share them anyways.

The world needs more raw truth, vulnerability, and love, so let’s start sharing.

Have you heard enough of my ramblings? Me too :)

All my love,