Why I'm Sharing Less Perfection, and More Human

I’m here to share a bit of truth. This isn't going to be long, so hear me out.

When it comes to writing, I usually think I’ve gotta be all spiritually-aligned, chakras unblocked, inspired and buzzed on life to share content in this space. I think I need to have the perfect thing to say to be worthy of saying anything at all. I think that if I put something out into the world that is one sentence less than perfect, it’s trash, and I might as well not share it anywhere.

I know, even when I just posted on giving zero f*cksI still give a lot of f*cks.

The truth is, things aren’t always happy-sunshine-peace-let’s-meditate-all-day over on my end (nor do I think that’s anyone's sustainable life). Currently, there are random piles of clothes covering my floor (def not part of my high vibe practice). I haven’t meditated in the past two days. The other day I got in a mad disagreement with my mom and let anger get the best of me.

Are things exactly as I want them to be in my 'perfect' world? Maybe not. 

Am I going to survive? Yes.

Am I going to punish myself because I think my life might be a bit in ‘shambles’? Hell no.

Am I still going to decide to be happy and post this regardless? Absolutely.

If I’m being real, shit hits the fan quite often. I get stressed, anxious, lonely, and you bet I have my downsides, like any normal college student. Usually I try to hide these parts, but guess what? I’m human.

I've realized that hiding the not-so-pretty parts of my life and only writing when I am inspired creates this mentality that 'perfection' is the ultimate ideal, which is so not my vibe.

But, what we need is less  p e r f e c t i o n, and more  h u m a n, .

In reality, I 110% believe that through the chaos we unlock some of our greatest lessons. In other words, when shit hits the fan, we are forced to get real. We either listen to what the Universe is trying to show us, or repeat the same old situation. If we choose to listen, we notice the wisdom that is held in the chaos of life.

So, here on out starts our journey of me sharing that raw wisdom of imperfect human-ness, even when I don't think I have my life 'together' enough to share. Anyways, I first created this blog as a space to share the lessons that I learn, as I am learn them. That means it's always a work in progress, but my mission is to get the message of love, wellness, and spiritual connection out there because there was a time when I desperately needed that kind of light amidst my own darkness.

Now more than ever our planet needs more love, more soul shifts, more awakenings, and more good vibes put into it, so that’s what I’m here to do—in whatever form that may be. That means writing even when I don’t feel 100% myself. This might mean more unedited writing, inspired thoughts or life updates. To be honest, I'm not sure what that looks like yet. Regardless, I'm writing to heal myself.  Writing to get inspired. Writing to spread just a little love.

My last reminder to you (or maybe to myself): It’s OK to feel that your life is not as perfect as you'd like. It's OK to not be feeling yourself 100% of the time. Find the lessons in the chaos, and share them anyways.

The world needs more raw truth, vulnerability, and love, so let’s start sharing.

Have you heard enough of my ramblings? Me too :)

All my love,

What It Means To Be Your Own Guru


  • noun ~ gu-ru ~ /‘gooroo/
  • : an intellectual or spiritual guide or leader.
  • : a teacher that you trust
  • : a person who has a lot of experience in or knowledge about a particular subject

"You are your own guru. ”

Whaat?? Countless times I've heard this phrase, yet never actually believed it or understood it in the least.

How could I, indecisive college student me, actually know what’s best for myself in the long run? Sure maybe deep down there if i connect enough in meditation or actually sit and think know the answer, but doesn’t a friend/psychic/parent/counselor/ANYONEBESIDESME have more experience? Can’t they tell me the “right” answer?

I wish I could say yes - wouldn’t that be so easy? then we wouldn’t have to deal with the dirty work of actually listening to our feelings - time, effort, opening to those feelings we’d rather not address, etc.

But the truth is that we all come to this earth as our own guides and teachers because you came here with a soul map - a sort of guideline of what you are to learn in this lifetime and how you might learn it. We are equipped with all of the knowledge needed for this lifetime and for all of the decisions that comprise our paths. All we must do is listen.

Deep down we know the answers to our challenges, whether they’re as minuscule as what to have for dinner or as huge as wtf do I do with my life. Your higher self knows, but first we must trust

Trusting yourself as your own guru means not only consulting yourself for guidance rather getting the opinions of 50839 others but also knowing that what you feel intuitively is what your soul needs you to hear. 

 The challenge is that so many times our brains spin crazy trying to phone a friend for their opinions or second-guessing our gut feelings, that we never truly honor the part of ourself that KNOWS.

But you see, that intuitive knowing is how our souls get in touch with us. Our higher self, or guru-self or your inner-buddha or goddess/god, has a broader perspective of your entire path, and knows where to go for more expansion. That gut feeling you had earlier when xyz happened? Yeah that’s your higher self calling.

In honoring our higher selves, we open up a WORLD of knowledge and love that is unknown to us humans. It cannot be grasped from the physical world, but rather it is the love and guidance that only comes from a higher power. You are more knowledgeable and more courageous than your human self can comprehend. 

Only you know what is best for you. Let love and light and kindness guide the way. Its the truth and its here to show us the way. Trust that you are your own guru. 

Love n gratitude,


Turn Your Pain Into Power


Why here?

Why now?

Why me?

Why us?

What is pain?

Is pain permanent? Is it temporary?

When will it end?


We are not born here to feel a life of pain. It is so foreign to our natural state of pure being, yet we are surrounded by it. It is so unnatural to our truth, but it is here anyways.  

Pain is here for a purpose, not permanence.

Pain is a learning state.

Pain is here to teach us the parts that we must still heal. Pain is here to teach us the parts that we need to forgive.

Pain is her to be the signal that change is needed, and needed now.

Pain goes deeper and deeper until we finally awaken to the reality that it is our call to action.

Pain is here for a purpose, not for permanence.

Pain is here to teach us what we do not want in our lives, in society, in our environment, so that we can consciously make a change toward the thoughts, actions, and perspectives that we do want for our society.

Pain is the signal that we must see whoever has hurt us as ourselves. It shows us that no matter what happens, we must forgive and we must come together as one in order to heal. 

Pain is pain is pain is pain.

It all serves the same purpose.

Love is love is love is love.

Pain is here to point us back to love.

Pain is here to empower us into change.

Sometimes we fear pain, sometimes it drives us to our knees, sometimes it breaks us down and we shout, Why are you here?

But pain is here to teach us. Pain is here to show us that there are parts left unsaid and unhealed. There are parts of ourselves, our country, and our society that are left unheard. This pain is our call to action.

Use your pain as your reason for shifting your perspective, for opening up to oneness, for being able to see your neighbor as yourself.

Instead of shutting down in times of pain, we must endure and ask, "What is it that I am to learn from this?"

Pain is here for a purpose, not for permanence.

Take pain and use it as your catalyst for change.