8 Things To Let Go Of Right Now

Sometimes we just need to say f*ck it to a few things in life. Today I may have needed this reminder/pep talk/love note more than anything, and I think we could all use a little letting go, starting with these 8:

1. Judgement

Because if we are judging one another, can we ever actually love ourselves? I once read that in order to make an actual fair judgment you would have to know a person's past, present, and future. If that is basically impossible, then in theory fair judgment doesn't exist to us. Imma leave it at that. 

2. Tension

Take a belly breathe. Release the tension in your tummy, your neck, notice if your shoulders are scrunched by your ears. Breathe again and release the tension. Carry on...

3. Perfection

NO I CANNOT PUBLISH THIS POST UNTIL THE TITLE NO LONGER ENDS IN A PREPOSITION. It has to be PERFECT, dammit (this was the battle I had with my perfectionism whilst writing this post). Let it go. Embrace the imperfections because if it were perfect a. you're lying to yourself because nothing truly perfect so all that time you're spending on things being perfect is really for nada and b. perfect tends to be not so special anywhoo. And I love your imperfectness.

4. The fear of starting

This is perfectionism + procrastination's 3rd lover. If you're fearful of starting something, just start it. Follow your fear. Get the words on the page. Take a step and you'll figure it out as you go. As Yogi Bajan says, "When the time is on you start, and the pressure will be off." 

5. The past

Because what you're ruminating about got you to the place that you are today. Thank it for moving you forward in some shape or form and know that your time is too precious to spend it dwelling on what you cannot change!

6. That one person who bugs the CRAP out of you

Annoyance and anger don't feel good. Let it go for the sake of yourself and open to the possibility of oneness.  Eventually if we hold onto anger and resentment, it will show up in our bodies and that is no bueno. Send love to them as you send love to yourself. We're all just humans trynna make it out here. 

7. The fear of rejection

Ouch. That's tough. It doesn't feel good, but in reality its another blessing. Its a sign that this path you were about to go down was not the way for you, at least not right now. Thank the rejection, love it, and let it go. 

8. The love you think you need

Focus on giving love. Giving to yourself, most importantly. And giving to others without the expectation of receiving. Giving just because it feels good to give love.

And to top it all off I hope you enjoy this vid of Channing Tatum reminding you to let it go it the most wonderful of ways:


XXo Stef 

Filled-Up Friday


This week was a funny one. Tbh I wasn't really feeling all that grateful. For no reason but I was just kinda like "out of it" and not in my usual mojo, and for a sec I contemplated not posting at all. But this week I've been focusing on listening to my intuition (helllooo meditation practice thank you) and what I heard is this: when I am down or feel like my vibration is low is exactly the time when I need to be grateful and pause to show love to all the amazing things that my week has brought thus far the most. Instead of looking outwardly for something to make me feel all grateful and empowered, I'm taking time to reflect and instead "conquering from within." 

BAM! Instant mojo-uplifter.

So here I go, loving life once again:) 

Goddess tarot cards ~ Kundalini yoga.. my new found OBSESSION for highly spiritual and uplifting experiences ~ MyIntent bracelets - srsly these are so cool ~ MAGIC + MIRACLES ~ ~ Shakti Shakti Shakti feminine power ~ conquering the glorious Wash U AC (although I really had no freaking clue how to work those machines.. I tried?)  ~  New Moon energy ~quality time with Pops ~ seeing friends for the first time in a long time (shoutout to Ash  heeeyyyy) ~ AC in this 90 degree glorious Missouri weather  ~ hugs from lil kiddos ~ MEDITATION MEDITATION MEDITATION ~ Acaí bowls (I can say I think I've almost mastered this art) ~ kayaking and floating in peace ~ sunshine. 

Peace and Love,



5 Ways to Raise Your Vibration Right Now

Edit: to my silly mom/anyone else not in with the lingo - RN does not mean Registered Nurse, it means right now. Carry on!

Last Friday I posted about things that made me happy, and you know why these things made me happy? There’s a simple principle behind all this happy stuff: VIBRATION.

Basically, no matter if you are a scientist or a weirdo-spiritualist like moi, we can all agree that all matter (aka EVERYTHING +  YOU) is made of energy, yeah?

And all of that energy is then vibrating at different frequencies.

And then there are two options (really there are many more but for a super duper simple version we’ll stick to two options):

Your energy can vibrate at a low frequency.

Aka you maybe wake up in a bad mood, then spill your coffee all over your car, get stuck in traffic, and then get slammed with a huge workload, get upset at your homies, etc., etc. you get it. You feel like you can’t catch a break and that a ton of things just go “wrong.”


Your energy can vibrate at a high frequency.

This is when things feel like they’re flowing. This is like when you have a day where you just feel like everything is going your way, or maybe that you’re just simply happy. Other people may feel attracted to you or notice your good vibes and flock your way. Basically, Joy feeds joy and its just a whole cloud of happiness flow.

So basically:

Happiness/Joy = high vibration = attract more high vibes = FLOW

Sadness/Anger/Frustration = lower vibration = attract more lower vibes

And sometimes when low vibes get the best of us, it may feel like its time to just throw the towel and accept that we are just doomed to have a bunch of shitty things happen and might as well hold on bc its not going to get better.

BUT, let me tell you the secret; this doesn’t HAVE to happen.

What we really want to do is know how to become aware of the lower vibes and then use things to CHANGE the vibration before we go down a spiral of not-so-good things.

Here are a few go-tos raise yo vibration (and thus more good things in life):

1. Dance - In no way am I a GOOD dancer, no no (in fact, my mom pulled me out of dance bc I “couldn’t keep up” in tap class.. and that was the end of my dancing career). Moving the body freely is an amazing way to honor your body and show it the love it deserves. It literally shakes up your energy and allows any stuckness to be freed. Tbh, one of the things I miss most about living in the dorms is not having someone to complete my random dance parties literally 2 steps away from me at all times. But HEY all you need is your body and music (I mean music is optional but makes the experience much more pleasurable right?). And if you “don’t dance,”start with one song, or even just 30 seconds of car dancing and you too can have the good vibes of Bey.

2Take a baking soda and sea salt bath. Sometimes when we encounter other people’s energies throughout the day, we carry negative vibes around that don’t belong to us. Maybe you’ve been working around a negative-nelly all day or are just feeling tired and worn-out in general. Whatever it is, BATHE IT. Baths in general feel so good and cleansing, but along with your bubbles and bath bombs, throw in

1 cup baking soda + 1 cup sea salt

for an aura-cleansing treatment. This magical combo cleanses your energetic feild of all that extra stuff you amy be carrying around, and draws out toxins from the body. Try to stay in 20 minutes (or an hour if you accidentally fall asleep like me) and when you pull the plug, imagine any negativity and toxins that no longer serve you being drawn out along with the water as it washes down the drain. Voila! YOU are a new person! (I am typing this as my bath is running upstairs I REALLY LOVE MY BATHS)  

Mhm Oprah knows what's up.

Mhm Oprah knows what's up.

3. Put your bare feet in the grass. Yes… I am  that crazy person in the park who stops mid-run to take off my shoes and put my back against a tree. Don’t worry, middle-aged man walking past me and staring strangely, I am a ok just grounding myself don’t worry. But honestly IT WORKS. Mother Earth is the most powerful grounding force around, so why not let her do her thing? Try standing with your bare feet in the ground. Or put your back against a tree. And breatheeee.

    This is just too cool.

    This is just too cool.

    1. HUG SOMEONE. As much as we want to think that we’re strong, independent women (or men) who don’t need nobody… we do. We are social beings and our bodies are meant to connect with other people. I’m not really sure what it is about hugs (but there have been a million and one studies if you really want the science read here) but they boost those positive feel-good vibes and calm the nervous system. So, I don’t care if its the lady you just bought makeup from (srsly my mom just did this yesterday) or your best friend, lover, or mom - HUG THEM.

    And please, please, not the wimpy side-arm hug,


    or the I-really-don’t-want-to-hug-you-so-I’m-going-to-stay- six-inches-away-from-you hug.


    Of course Beyonce gives good hugs. 

    Of course Beyonce gives good hugs. 


    5. List 5 things you’re grateful for. Ready set go.

    1. My pups

    2. Sunshine

    3. Yoga pants

    4. Rose quartz

    5. Momma’s morning hug

    And yes, I know these seem super duper simple and like they wouldn’t actually make a difference but, trust me, your vibes are sensitive little things and they don’t lie. Just getting in the vibration of other good things helps to soften negative things and allow for major shifts. AND when we feel good (which is really what its all about) we attract more good things, people ENJOY being around us, and we just feel like we’re in the flow of life so why not focus on staying in a high-vibration place?

    Until next time <3

    Much love,


    Bonus: 6. Get a Unicorn pool float bc…. I mean come on, just looking at this thing how can you NOT instantly be happy?